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Golf Hotels in Scotland – A special break

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From smaller to larger parties, there are many reasons why golf hotels in Scotland will suit your group. Stag and hen parties are not always looking for a raucous night in a nightclub but want to create special memories that they can talk about for years to come. A short break at a golf hotel in wild and wonderful Scotland can be the stuff of memories.

Friends want time away together and with other activities on offer other than golf – who would turn down a spa weekend in Scotland? – there is something for everybody.

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, though. Sometimes, getting a work-life balance is tough. Working all day is tiring and although it may be the last thing you feel like, exercise is the thing you need to blow away the cobwebs, along with a heavy dose of fresh air. De-stressing with a round of golf (either a full 18 holes or the first nine) is the perfect way to end your busy day.

Celebrate at the Marine Hotel!

As we go through life, there are all kinds of special times we want to mark with celebrations. Gathering family and friends, making memories and enjoying yourselves is something we all want to do but finding the right hotel, accessible and close to the local road, rail and air networks can be tough – but not when you book in at the Marine Hotel.

With us, you have no worries. We can be easily reached from local airports, as well as the rail and road network. This accessibility is just one reason why we are a popular hotel for weddings and parties.

Weddings in Scotland

Weddings in Ayrshire are commonplace, and no surprise when you see the dramatic backdrop on offer as you make a public declaration of your love.

Getting married is a time to celebrate and if you are looking for something different, then why not consider a golf club wedding? From small intimate wedding parties with a round of golf or two, to large wedding parties with golfers and non-golfers alike, a golf club wedding or weekend is the perfect option.

If you want something different, something unique to you that tells your story, and you don’t want a packaged wedding or something uniform to which you have to mould yourselves, the Marine Hotel in Troon can help create the celebration that suits you perfectly. We begin every wedding celebration with the same thing – a blank sheet onto which you create the perfect wedding. From the décor in our function rooms, to whatever else it is you want to be included (or not).


Whether it’s birthdays or anniversaries, or something completely different, there is always something to be celebrated, and when planning a celebration, if you are looking for a high class and quality service from a party venue in Ayrshire, the Marine Hotel can help.

We offer space that can be completely customised to suit all your needs, pleasant, friendly staff serving delicious food, accommodation for all your guests and some of the finest backdrops to capture those special celebrations on camera.

You may even prefer to stay a little longer and make a break of it. Frankly, why settle for one night when you could have a whole weekend, admiring the rugged coastline and enjoying a round of golf or two on one of the most historic golf courses in Scotland?

Why choose the Marine Hotel in Troon?

As with any hotel, a picturesque location that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your time away and all the amenities and facilities you need to feel truly at home are considered ‘must haves’.

As well as stunning coastal views, the Marine Hotel boasts several features that make it the perfect choice for a break, a celebration or a business event.

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